The Development of Liverpool

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The Development in Liverpool

TLH 307 Urban Tourism

Name : Beng Keong Tin
BSc (HONS) International Tourism & Hospitality Management Student ID : 099998629

Module Tutor : Dr. James Johnson

Submit due date : 18th December 2009
The Development In Liverpool
Introduction & literature review
What we know about urban tourism? Urban tourism is considered as a wide sector and variety of tourism that blends in a big city like they have the element of heritage, shopping, sports and more. In urban tourism we can see there are a few types of growth cities, for example pre modern cities like Athens, Greece are for tourist who seeks for an escape from holidays and relax. Medieval cities like York or Vatican are for pilgrimage while renaissance cities like Rome or Florence is for tourist who looks for a grand tour. “‘Urban tourism’ is as equally valid as other conceptual definitions previously accepted within the study of tourism, for instance 'mountain' or 'wilderness' tourism. However, apart from this it may also be said that 'urban' can be interpreted as a type, or related types of activity, typifying the holiday rather than its spatial setting only. In fact the focus of urban tourism is the study of the interrelationships between tourism, in its many shapes and guises, and the urban environment.”(David Gilbert and Mark Clark). In the growth of cities there are 5 types of tourist city types. Those are the resort city which have entertainment at a premium, have popular culture and more on leisure pursuits. The 2nd is historic city, this intend to be more historic and more on pre- industrial heritage. The 3rd is what they considered as city of high culture which the city have rare artefacts. Or that city is place of learning and they have the culture as high art and more on to high class culture. The fourth type is the world city, these types of tourist city have strong political and administrative functions, they have a wide range of transport hub and always have an image of rich to others. The types of world city have a blend in all types of tourist city mention including the post industrial city. The post industrial city is new to the tourist market nowadays, they have industrial heritage which left down from the past, entertainments and have the potential to develop. “Tourism, we are widely told, is the world's fastest growing and, probably, largest economic sector, both in value and employment terms.( C M Hall and J M Jenkins 1995)” what author C M Hall and J M Jenkins suggest that the tourism industry is the world’s fastest growing, and might be the largest economic sector in terms of value and also employment. For what we know nowadays tourism has been very popular and almost everyone travels, the tourism industry also create employment opportunity and growing fast in the world, due to the economic effect, its value will rise and it become important to people. “Tourism, heritage and the cultural industries were increasingly linked to both economic development strategies in terms of employment and income generation, and place marketing strategies concerned with image reconstruction. (Martin Selby)”. Author Martin Selby argues that the economic development has been increasing by the tourism, heritage and the cultural industries in the income generation and also related to employment. “Tourism has increasingly been used as an important component of economic development strategies. Urban tourism can have immense income and employment generating potential in itself, and is widely considered to complement the attraction of inwards investment. Direct benefits relate to jobs creation in facilities such as hotels, restaurants and attractions. Secondary rounds of expenditure occurs, creating subsidiary and support industries, and the local economy also benefits from the induce affect on household incomes.(Fletcher and Archer 1991)” what the author Fletcher and Archer discussed about is how...

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