The Deterioration of the Environment

Topics: Natural environment, Environmentalism, Environment Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: September 23, 2012
The deterioration of the environment
The deterioration of the environment is one of the most serious problems now and although many groups and associations have tried to preserve planet green, pollution continues to affect many parts of the world, especially in industrialized countries. The main cause of deterioration is due mainly to the growth of cities and industry development. In recent years, both governments and environmental organizations and scientists seeking solutions to limit human impact on the environment. The signatures of international agreements contribute to the protection of preserving green planet Contamination is reduced by various measures such as the prohibition of using pollutants and the use of clean technologies and water treatment plants. Other alternatives are the use of clean energy or recycling of urban and industrial products. However, the only method to preserve planet green is to make the human species to exploit natural resources without harming the environment ambiente.Y considered the most important thing is mentalizing of damage we are causing to our planet and that together, and between all working together doing our bit for a better world. The atmosphere or environment in which they develop life on the planet, constantly undergoes changes and alterations of various causes or sources. The man with industrial and commercial activities, is causing most of these alterations. That is why it is necessary to employ methods to minimize or avoid these impacts where possible

The incorporation of environmental variables in programs and projects as a useful tool in making decisions, strengthen environmental management, allowing it to be transparent, to achieve an adequate control of environmental factors. Experience shows that not all actions require the development of an environmental impact study. This tool is only required in those cases where it is covered by the Act, as set out in the case of infrastructure and...
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