The Destruction of Tropical Rainforests and the Effect on the Biosphere

Topics: Rainforest, Tropics, Tropical rainforest Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Lam Man Chi 5C
Q1.How does the destruction of tropical rainforests affect our biosphere? Assess if a tree plantation is a good way to restore biodiversity.. The cases of destruction of tropical rainforests increase continuously,As a result, it seriously affect our biosphere.In order to solve the problem and restore biodiversity,there are some situations we can do. First,let us discuss how the destruction of tropical rainforest affect our biosphere. Locally,the destruction of tropical rainforests cause the change in characteristic of the vegetation.The height,species and density of vegetation decrease .More open structure without layer.It also prevent forest regeneration since deforestation change the climate ,soil fertility and moisture and hydrosphere.Under adverse environment the forest cannot be regenerated and change in to savanna.Next.the net primary productivity decrease so it cannot support more consumers then there will be a shorter food chain. Other then that,the destruction of tropical rainforest affect our biosphere globally.It cause the loss of global diversity because the habitats are destroyed and led to extinction of some species.Also,fewer medicined and chemicals deriverd from forest.Next,it reduce the genetic pool and threaten the worldwide food supply. So,in order to restore biodiversity,there are situation we can do.Tree plantation is a way.To a small extent,I think tree plantation is not a good way to restore biodiversity. First,under careful management and well monitoring it ca slow down the lost of tropical rainforest area amd increase the biodiversity and the timber production. However,it is not a good way to restore biodiversity because it get a low effectiveness.Under some kinds of situation it become ineffective.For example,when the restored area is smaller than the forest area.Also,most of the TRF governments are poor and have heavy foreign debts the encourage economic development rather than afforestaion.There is a...
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