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The Destiny of Our Human Race: Reaction Paper

By Orayon1 Jul 01, 2014 564 Words
Orionne C. Garrovillas Prof. Pio Jagurin
BSCE-101 TTh, 7:00AM-8:30AM

The Destiny of Our Human Race: Reflection Paper
People might be different in all aspects. All the unique qualities that a person might acquire are usually different from others because they have grown in a different way, different environment, and with different individuals which might have influenced them to be what they are today.

The article pointed out the stages a Monad would take to fully evolve to a different and better being. Monads, in the article, are defined as Eternal Pilgrims. They have spiritual intelligence and are units of Spirit-Matter. Each Monad is not self-conscious. The text says that from the moment of our birth, our minds are empty and we filled it up while growing up because we are logical beings. The title itself is the topic of the article, “the Destiny of the Human Race”, which is referred to in the text as eternal pilgrimage of a man in acquiring knowledge. And as a part of the human race, I have to compel to do this pilgrimage.

Men are considered monads as we are tied to duties which insist us to an eternal pilgrim. This pilgrim is the struggle of a man attaining knowledge of perfection. In the first place, we existed as spirits and that makes us monads. This is the reason why in spite of being rational beings, the mission of the spirit is to become a material by integrating itself with a man’s body in order to use its knowledge and intelligence upon being born in this world.

Being a man is just the first stage of our eternal pilgrimage. Our minds are empty slates. That is why when we were born, we haven’t known anything. We were not familiar of some things like today. Were we able to walk after the very first second of our birth? No. We have learned how to. The point is our journey is to acquire intelligence; Intelligence that would help us be independent from others and be responsible enough to live in this world. This travel is for us to seek human perfection, which is subjected to every human being for we are all humans.

The first second when I was born, of course, I did not know a thing. I have just learned the things I know now because of the experiences I have encountered while I am growing up. Also, being a student is a part of the pilgrimage. Knowing the routine that you would do every day, you might be used to attaining knowledge and might consider it as learning. I might be better than what I was yesterday. Like for example, I would always visit the yahoo webpage for articles that might be useful for me and I know that I would benefit when the time comes.

The latter part of the article mentioned that there are some individuals that succeeded in finding human perfection. I have thought deeply that if one did it, then the rest of the human race can also do it. It is clearly possible for a man to finish his mission of the eternal pilgrimage in this life time. Our souls may be eternal but our bodies are not. You could just wish that you have finished the pilgrimage in your primitive life and just continuing the search by now.

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