The Deserted Village

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The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith
Oliver Goldsmith is an Irish writer (he is from Ireland) ,we call him a writer because he is not a poet only, he was a dramatist and novelist also. He was a vicar (priest) .the Deserted Village is his masterpiece, it is very famous poem. _The similarity between the deserted village and elegy

1-both poems are classical in forms (according to the language, the organization of the lines and the rhyme scheme) and romantic in spirit. It speaks about something romantic in classical way. 2-the deserted village almost has the same romantic elements which we have come across in the elegy, there is the same interest in the village in the beauty of nature, the same sense of loneliness, the same sense of melancholy and the same remoteness of a place and time. 3-the deserted village also can be regarded as an elegy, the poem laments the death of the village itself not the villagers. 4-the poem has clear emotional quality, sense it addresses the heart rather the mind. 5-the poem begins as an apostrophe in which the poet addresses the village. _Apostrophe: A thing that is addressed, but it hasnʼt the ability to answer. When we speak with someone or something that cannot answer it is called apostrophe. When you address a dead person or complain to moon or when you address a village.

-We have two portraits; the portrait of the preacher and the portrait of the teacher -the poet visits his village after a long absence, he is in the same place after passage of many years. Now the village is left and neglected , so he is shocked by the contrast between the past and the present. In the past the village was thickly peculated, full of people and life, full of green trees and colorful flowers, but now it is empty, and it’s houses are deserted and ruined, so these would lead the poet to sadness. This poem also can be regarded as an elegy, but it is not lamenting the death of people, it lamenting the death of village itself. Since it is an elegy it would have a clear sad tone, so we have interest in nature loneliness and melancholy. He is wondering alone and remembering his old days that once beautiful village. The name of the village is Auburn

1st line
_ sweet auburn →he wants to say oh my beautiful village
_Blissful hour→ the happy time
_parent→ the birth place (metaphorical)
exp: oh my beautiful village the birth place of my happiness. His happiness was born that village, the village is connected with his pleasant memories of hi childhood , there he could play and find love. The village connected with these positive meaning because of it΄s simplicity. 2nd line

_glades →fields
_forlorn→ deserted
_confess→ condemn
exp: the dictators usually destroy the villages, send its people away and they even destroy the beauty of nature, so when we see such miserable scene we condemn and curse those people who are responsible for that as a condemnation of their tyranny of their power. 3rd and 4th lines

_solitary→ lonely
_round→ wanders, walkers
tandling→ bending
exp: the poet is wandering alone through the walks of his old village and among its destroyed houses and remembering things . 5th and 6th line
_elapsed→ passed
_hawthorn→ a kind of tree
Exp: the poet is visiting the village for the first time after passage of many years, he visits his old village (most probably he speaks about the cottage of his family)that’s why the definite article is used. 7th line

_range→ walk
Exp:He is busy minded and confused he cannot believe his eyes ,is hi in the same place in the same beautiful village 8th line
trace→ follow
scene→ place
exp: He follows everything and gets surprised at the changes between the past and the present . 9th line
remembrance→ memory
train→ store
busy train→ fully crowded
exp: When someone spends his childhood in the village his head would be full with many pleasant memories, so the moment he visits the village again these memories...
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