The deserted house

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(E) The deserted house
Wandering unaccompanied along the lane with sadness and emotion. There was just silence and huge giant trees. Not realising how long it had been, I found myself stood in front of a big old house. I unconvincingly stared at it and thought to myself, what brought me here.

It was quite a big house which was situated on it's own in the middle of nowhere. Around the house, there was a towering strong brick wall which was positioned there like a prime guard to protect the palace.

Covering all over the wall were many different varieties of ivy, it was untidily and tangled like messy curly hair that had never been washed nor brushed for many long years.

Among the clutter shiny green leaves, the stunning multi coloured flowers stood out to get some sun and at the bottom of the mouldy wall were inch thick with dead leaves all over the floor.

I moved on to the tall alloy gate with only a big rusty chain wrapped around to keep the gate closed, there was not a lock on the gate to secure it. On the top of the old gate there were lots of the ivy plants growing all over like an army of snakes lying there ready for their mission. As I slowly untied the rusty chains and attempted to push and pull, i pushed and pulled for a while, those army of snakes had became to loose and ran way.

A gust of wind had suddenly blown passed at the same time as the gate was opened, sending a shivering goose-bumping feeling and it suddenly slammed with a clang.

The old cracked concrete path were full of rubbish and leaves, leading the walk way to the main house like a huge giant snake lying there waiting for a visitor. With every single foot step on the floor, there was a chilling thud.

The house itself were full of ivy plants, the dirty old paint was all over the wall. The cracked wooden door had been left half open. Cautiously pushing the creaking door fully open, the evening brightness showing through the dark dusty house, sticky messy

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