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Topics: Atom, Energy, Chemical bond Pages: 4 (976 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Atmospheric pressure: the random collisions between gas molecules & surfaces • Rapid evaporation: temp drops & water is evaporation • Solids have the least random molecular motion
• Under the same conditions of pressure and temp a liquid differs from a gas because the molecules of the liquid take shape of the container they are in. • The phase change in which a solid becomes a liquid is known as the melting. Liquid to gas is evaporation. Gas to liquid is condensation. Liquid to solid is freezing. Solid to gas is sublimation. Gas to solid is deposition. • The temp of a liquid during boiling increases

• Under the same conditions of pressure & temp a liquid forms a gas because the molecules of the liquid have no regular arrangement • Instrument used to measure pressure- barometer
• A sealed bottle that is half full of water, equilibrium will be attained when water molecules evaporate and condense at equal rates. • Polar- can tell the difference non polar- cant tell

• Ionic is m+non metallic m+m covalent non+non
• 2 types of intermolecular forces are van der walls & hydrogen bonds. • Ionization energy- E is required to remove an e-
• Electronegivity- desire for electrons highest closer the the right • Highest ionization energy is helium
• Potassium bromine the element bromine forms an anion • Alkali metals +earth metals conduct electricity
• Covalent bonds form when 2 elements with high electroneg share a pair of electrons • Covalent compounds- 2 elements with high electroneg bond • In nature there are pure elements and compounds

• CO2 carbon dioxide SF6 sulfer hexafluoride
• Temp- measures the average kenetic energy of a sample of matter • Exothermic chemical reaction- fire place exo- the right endo- left • STP- standard temp pressure
• Mole- the amount of a substance that contains as many particles as there atoms exactly 12 grams of carbon-12. • AV# -...
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