The Demon Lover

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The Demon Lover
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1. Throughout the story there are several characteristics of a ghost story, mainly the idea of a supernatural being placing the letter on her table. Because no one is supposed to know that she is back in London, it is strange for the letter to be even addressed to her in such a perfect timing as well as being placed on her table. In addition, it is even stranger to have her ex-lover write such a provocative letter to her, after 25 years have already passed. Also, another aspect of the story that makes it ghost-like is the flashback to her younger self, with the mysterious ex-lover. The suspense that we don’t know how the lover looks like, as well as the fact that he was assumed to be dead, is supernatural and resembles a ghost story. 2. In order to relay the supernatural or eerie presence of the soldier, the author uses quotes to showcase how cold and off-putting he is with “special glitters in the place of his eyes” as well as the ominous quote “I shall be with you . . . sooner or later” Also, the soldier merely tells the girl to wait and then leaves for war, which is fairly normal, but what is supernatural is the fact that he comes back after 25 years of no communication. 3. The fact that there was a letter on the table, in the middle of an abandoned and deserted town, relays how unusual and strange it is, especially because in times of war, no one would expect a random letter to be addressed to him or her. Also, it shows how the little actions or events that take place in one’s life can have enormous consequences. 4. Mrs. Drover has important valuables in her house and she also speaks about the dead air which surrounds her house. In addition, the house overall represents something that is locked up and abandoned, and when coming back – one can see how dead and lost the house is. In addition, there is a constant eeriness and fear associated with the house, showcasing even more how scared Mrs. Drover is in her...
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