The Defied Titus

Topics: Titus, Domitian, Nero Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: April 8, 2014
The Deified Titus

Titus was a man of great strength, passion. He was said to be the delight and darling of the human race. He had numerous skills and talents. Even in catastrophe he showed that he truly cared about his people like family.

Titus was able to win the affection of men while he was Emperor, which was no easy task. He grew up with Britannicus whom he was very close to, when Britannicus died from the poison Titus tasted it almost killing himself. This showed how close he was able to allow himself to get to others. Suetonius talks about Titus’ memory being extraordinary, and how he was skillful in arms and horsemanship, how he made speeches and wrote versus in Latin and Greek with ease. He also talked about how Titus sang and played the harp so skillfully even being unacquainted with music. I believe this means Titus was pretty well rounded.

Titus served in the military winning a high reputation for his energy and integrity. Suetonius speaks about how after having his horse killed from under him he mounted another whose rider had fallen. He also states that he attracted attention wherever he went and how he slew twelve of the Jerusalem defenders with as many arrows. I thinks all of this basically tells us that when Titus wanted something he went and got it. He seems very confident.

To his father Titus was willing to help in any way he could. He took part in his father’s triumph and was Censor with him. Although some of the things Titus did his people did not like it always seemed to still put him in a better position. He had banquets that were pleasant rather than extravagant. He respected others property. He always wanted to make others feel hopeful. Even if he knew he could not grant the favors, he told them he could. He never wanted anyone to leave from him, the Emperor feeling sorrowful. The day he spent not granting any favors for anyone he was noted for saying “Friends, I have lost a day.” This shows that he was a man who like to...
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