The Decline of Our Sea- a Paper on Overfishing

Topics: Fishing, Overfishing, Fisherman Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: September 12, 2010
The Decline of Our Sea

SCI 275 Environmental Science
Steve List-Instructor

The fishermen across the world invest their lives into their boats and their men. They venture out into the open water and catch all that they can. The fisherman knows that this is what all the other fishermen are doing as well; it is a survival of the fittest. The man with the most fish wins, they get the biggest check. The world is home to six billion people and there are not enough fish in the seas to feed the world. According to the video, there is a problem with overfishing and the ocean is being harvested of all its fish faster than it can repopulate. There are not enough fish left to allow this resource to thrive for our future. According to Scientist Jeremy Jackson, it is reversible; there is still hope. Overfishing is not just fisheries taking fish from the sea; although that is the larger part of it. Fisheries also bycatch, which means they accidently catch other fish when fishing for certain species. Bycatching is causing depletion of other species and it is wasteful. Fisheries also harm habitats and breeding grounds by fishing and dragging equipment and nets. The fisheries create pollution as does the rest of the world, causing severe damage to our oceans. Climate changes also serve as an issue. Water temperatures are changing and causing damage to fragile ecosystems. All of these factors are taken into place as we create a plan, and help repopulate and save our oceans. We must sustain and maintain this resource for our future generations.

My plan is to utilize a catch share system. This system has been studied for many years now in the United States. This plan will help the fisheries, save jobs and help our oceans to provide for a great future. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has researched the plan and stands behind it to save the fish and the fisheries. Fishermen will be required to meet a conservation goal and will be accountable for what they...

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