"The Decisive Reason for the Advance of Bureaucratic Organization Has Always Been Its Purely Technical Superiority over Any Other Form of Organization (Weber)" Discuss

Topics: Public administration, Bureaucracy, Max Weber Pages: 4 (1364 words) Published: June 2, 2005
Bureaucratic organization has been manifested in the human administration system for over 5000 years. The history has written that such organization has been invented in the times of the Egyptian dominant. The creation of a bureaucratic system raise from the monarchy, the ruling of one principle monarch has established a figure that can be seen as the start of the bureaucratic organization.

The early establishment of bureaucratic administration were seen and put in to practice in the system of the hierarchy structure, ruling by the king down to each step of his sub ordinate. The civilian had no practice to say or voting right to the country policy and its development. In that time it was very much a class divided matters, the ruling class for example king politicians and royal bloods were among the people that practice and execute all the policies. Civilians at that time live under the control of the law which were controlled by the upper ruling class. It has been gathered that the corruption level was high; the practice ruling class used benefits and powers to serve their own demands.

The next point that we going to look at; are the reform in the nineteenth century. At this time the last module of the bureaucratic system has been attacked that it is technically inefficient, it is solitary to remember that it was it self an improvement compare to early reform. It is recommended to: abolition of patronage and the substitutions of recruitment by open competitive examination under the supervision of a central examining board; reorganization of official staffs of central department in broad classes to deal with intellectual and mechanical work respectively; and filling higher post by promotion from inside based on merit.( Hughes, Owen) In this period of time the public administration organization recruitment policy has developed, the understanding of bringing in high skill workers reflected the development of the world education standard. It is obvious that...
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