The Debate for Gay Marriage

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March 18, 2007

Thesis: Same-sex marriage has been a hot topic in recent debates. Gay couples are speaking out more about their rights and have expressed interest in wanting to marry. Then there is the religious side of the issue, whether gay marriage, as well as homosexuality is morally acceptable. I.Institute of Marriage

A.History of Homosexuality
1.The beginning of homosexuality’s existence.
B.Debates on same-sex marriages
1.States that have approved same-sex marriages/ civil unions 2.Senates proposal to amend the constitution of marriage to male and female II.Arguments for same-sex marriages
1. Benefits of Civil Unions
III.Arguments against same-sex marriages
1.Moral Issue
2.Downfall of Traditional Marriage
3.Issues of Raising Children

IV. Ongoing debate on same-sex marriage

Marriage 1

The debate for gay marriage has been a hot issue in recent political talks and campaigns. Over the past few years it has become an important issue for candidates to deal with. The gay community has spoken out about their rights to marry and receive the same benefits as those of traditionally married couples, male to female. So whose right and whose wrong, well that depends on which state you live, personal and religious beliefs. Inside this paper over the next few pages we’ll find out the facts and issues of both sides of this entangled story.

The history of homosexuality began long before the issue of gay marriage ever

came into view. The word homosexuality dates back to the 19th century by a German

psychologist. ( The adjective homosexual can be used to describe individuals' sexual

orientation, sexual history, or self-identification. Many people reject all usage of

"homosexual" as too clinical and dehumanizing, as the word only refers to one's sexual

behavior, and does not refer to non-sexual romantic feelings. As a result, the terms gay

and lesbian are usually preferred when discussing a person of this sexual orientation,

whose sexual history is predominated by this behavior, or who identifies as such.

(Wikipedia 2006). Although the word is fairly new, homosexuality dates back to the

dialogues of the Greek Plato. While Plato’s Symposium is a familiar look into same-sex

attractions, there was also artwork and plays at that time also telling the story. For

example, Alexander the Great was known for his exclusive interest in boys and other

men. In those times, the issue was not a moral one, but one of one’s preference or taste.

Most of the ideal same-sex relationships were between and older man and a young boy.

The relationship was to end once the young boy reached adulthood. It was in the 18th and

19th century when arguments start to truly arise about same-sex attractions. It became

problematic with the having good soldiers who were intact with their families in a

defined role with the increase in school attendance. In the 20th century the gender roles

became more defined and premarital sex became more common and socially acceptable.

So as then it was seen that more gay couples began to appear and insert themselves into

society. As in the 1960’s when the gay movement began, we have seen an increasing rise

in gay personnel forming groups for equal rights. So it is here now, that the gay

community is advancing on their right to legalize their unions with none other than

So here now upon us are the debates on the issue of gay marriages. With government

elections all around us, it’s no wonder that the issue of gay marriage is on the list of

topics to discuss. During 2000-MAR, 61% of California voters supported Proposition

22, which defined marriage as being restricted to between one man and one woman. But

Proposition 22 and many of the...

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