The Death Penalty Pro/con

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Pro Life in Prison
Is one crime rightfully punishable by death? Can one jury decide one man’s fate? The answer is yes, at least for now. Since the beginning of our humanity we’ve always had some sort of cruel punishment against our own, today it is known as the death penalty. This used to be prohibited in our government, however in 1976 congress had the death penalty reinstated and since then the Supreme Court has sentenced over 1,300 people to face the wrath of the death sentence. Out of the 50 states in America 34 still use the death penalty (Arizona included), meaning only 16 have completely abolished the death penalty. Currently there are over 3,000 prisoners in about 32 different states who are on death row awaiting execution. Arizona alone has 121 prisoners who have been sentenced to death. Although the United States stands divided on the use of capital punishment there are numerous nations who use it on a regular basis. In the last five years alone China has executed over 5,000 people. It’s not too late to change humanity and put a stop to this sadistic defiance against nature. The death penalty should be outlawed, because it is pure cruelty, the expense of it is massive, and certainly death is the easy way out for these wicked beings. Claim #1:

Mistakes are a part of our human nature; we make them every single day of our lives, some mistakes are worse than others, but even then no mistake is worth getting slayed for. In all honesty two wrongs do not make a right, and supporting this statement professor Schroth of St. Peter’s college states that “to kill the person who has killed someone close to you is simply to continue the cycle of violence which ultimately destroys the avenger as well as the offender,” (ProCon Death Penalty) which essentially is stating justice will not be served if we choose to kill the killer. Surely some would feel at ease knowing the criminal has paid his/her due, but even then it’s not our duty to play the role of God and choose who lives and who dies. Slaughtering the unlawful makes us no different from them, by killing them we stoop to their heartless level and do exactly what they did, the only difference is they’re the criminals and we’re the innocent. As it’s been said many times “an eye for an eye makes the world blind,” so why do we still continue to practice such a thing, as a species we’ve achieved such greatness, but we still use punishment from sinister ages. Claim #2:

Many people would argue that life in prison is a huge drain on the tax-payers dollars but in reality life in prison would be a lower price than the death penalty and according to a director of the death penalty information system, Richard Dieter “The death penalty is double the amount of trials, attorneys, and more days spent on death row, and in all seriousness its double the money” (ProCon Death Penalty). Yet we remain to waste our resources on this costly consequence, which in the long run gives us no positive satisfaction. Even if the death penalty was cheaper than it is currently, why would we still choose to perform such a painful and inhuman way to end someone’s life? Certainly a gas chamber wouldn’t be enjoyable, or even a hanging which could take minutes to kill; we use such cold-hearted methods to execute these capital punishments. Thankfully the state of Arizona has stopped using these extreme and intense ways to execute. Since November of 1992 Arizona has only carried out the lethal injection as a way to perform their capital punishment, if only more states were kind enough to do the same, but even then there’s nothing kind about capital punishment. Claim #3:

The purpose of the death penalty is to rid the world of evil doers, but in reality it just seems like the easy way, life in prison would be so much more agonizing for the criminal. Nonetheless we are now broadcasting these executions, giving the criminal exposure that he/she isn’t worthy of receiving. Mary Meehan a...

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