The Death and Life of Great American Cities Analysis

Topics: Life, City, The Streets Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: May 24, 2013
The Death and Life of Great American Cities
The Conditions for City Diversity analysis

Part two of Death and Life explains several conditions for city diversity based on the observations of different American cities and discusses in depth the four factors that Jacobs believe are critical for the development of a city. The basis for generating diversity lies in these conditions, and cannot be secludedly achieved by planning and designing. This part lays out the foundation and is the basis for the rest of the book. It shows urban planning and many possible remedies for creating equal diversity, and studies why these are not applied and the effects of it not being so. These four conditions state that internal parts must provide availability for one, preferrably two primary functions, that blocks must be short and frequent, that buildings must vary in age and condition and a sufficient dense concentration of people, for varied purposes. These conditions affect safety, economic views, segregation between people, city life and social behavior. She draws conclusions from evidence from major cities in America, and their statistics as well as their physical appearance. She contrasts those observation with current thought (1950s to 1960s). The book was written 50 years ago, which could have an impact on whether it is still current and if it would satisfy today’s needs. She argues these conditions benefits by referring to old texts and authors, with examples such as James Boswell and Elbert Peets. It is full of bits of history creating evidence for her arguments, both failures and successes. These conditions are stated as the most important points in the second part of Life and Death, yet also that they serve no guarantee of producing equal diversity. However it is explained that these conditions give the best probability of a city reaching its best potential.

In part two of Jane Jacobs book, she lays out four condition which must be met in order to generate...
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