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the day when everything went wrong

By siddhantsaini28 Nov 22, 2013 383 Words
The day everything went wrong
There are days in one's life when everything can go wrong. He can get into trouble at every move. I had one such day last week. It was Friday when I woke up at 7 a.m. The sun was already bright. I had to be at the bus-stop at the latest 7.15 to reach school by 7.30 a.m. I rushed to the bathroom for a quick wash and turned on the tap. There was no water, it was dry! However, I managed with a pail of water, which my mother had left there the previous night. I quickly dressed myself up and slipped out of my house without mother's knowledge. I knew my mother would be angry for what I had done that day. I reached the bus-stop within five minutes. Alas! the bus had gone a few seconds before. I concluded as there were no students at the bus-stop. I had no choice but to call a passing taxi. I was lucky to get one and jumped into it. I cheered up thinking that I would reach school on time. When I put my hand in my pocket to pay for the taxi fare, I was horrified to find the pocket empty. I had no money! "What shall I do?" As the taxi stopped at the gate of my school, I met my form teacher. I explained to him my situation and he was kind enough to help me pay the fare. I was much relieved and ran to the class. I regained my spirit when I found that I had reached school before the bell. Then I noticed something peculiar. I was the only student around. "Am I late after all?" I quickened my steps, suddenly I heard a shout "What are you doing here?" I turned back and saw my principal standing in front of me. "Why are you late for school?" When I looked at my watch it showed 7.30 a.m. "I am not, Sir," It is just 7.30 now. I realized then my watch was running ten minutes late. "Your watch doesn't show the correct time, boy; you better hurry to your class now," I blushed at the thought of my blunders and cursed my luck. My teacher reprimanded me for being late for lesson.

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