The Day Chocolate Case Report

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Day Chocolate Case Report

Table of Contents
Consumer segment Day chocolate company4
Day chocolates strengths and weaknesses.4
Competitive advantage.4
Strengths and weaknesses5
Customer equity6
Marketing mix6
Opportunities & Threats7
Day Chocolate marketing recommendation8
Reference List12


The following report discusses the company named the Day Chocolate company. In this report we will take a close look to the case of this company. The Day Chocolate company is different than other chocolate companies as it pays attention to the ones that are making the chocolate: the farmers. The day chocolate company buys all cocoa at Fair trade prices, which means that the farmers receive a guaranteed minimum price for their cocoa. One of the goals of the company is to bring Fair-trade chocolate into the mainstream market but also to produce this chocolate for an affordable price and with a high quality. In this days customers are paying more and more attention to the wellness of the farmers. The day chocolate company is responding well to this need of the consumers. By taking a substantial market share, and paying fare prices to the farmers, often living of just a few dollars a week or even less, they try to help the farmers. The origin of the day chocolate company lies in the United Kingdom. In 1997, together with NGO Twin Trading and The Body Shop, Kupua Kooko sets up the day chocolate company. By introducing the Divine Fair trade milk chocolate bar into the UK confectionary market, the first farmer owned Fair trade chocolate bar is available for the consumer. In a short time the company gained a considerable market share. In the upcoming chapters we will explain why this Fair-trade chocolate was such a success. The source of this success can be found by looking at the segment that Divine is operating in and looking at the trends in this segment. But we are also researching how Devine became such a strong brand and we are taking a close look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company. Furthermore we are going to investigate the opportunities the Day Chocolate company has to expand their business across the domestic borders, here we will also search for the country which is most appropriate for the Day Chocolate company to settle.  

Consumer segment Day chocolate company

To make a company more compatible you first have to decide who or what type of customer the company will serve. The best way to do this is to divide the market into segments of consumers, a process called market segmentation. After this is done, it is important to make the decision on which segments the company is going to focus. The day chocolate company is focusing on two main target groups. For each of these target groups they developed a brand, Devine and Dubble. The first target group the day chocolate company is focusing on is a group called ‘concerned consumers’. The consumers who fall into this group are paying extra attention to the environment and human rights. Therefore Fair trade products are developed to serve the needs of this type of consumers. The day chocolate company developed a Fair trade brand for this group, called ‘Devine’. In 1998 the company launched the Fair Trade chocolate bar on the market in the UK. The day chocolate company was one of the first companies to launch a Fair Trade chocolate bar. The price of this chocolate bar is slightly higher than the price of a normal chocolate bar, as the day chocolate company is paying the farmers a fair price for their cocoa. But the consumer finds human rights that important, that they are willing to pay that little extra for their chocolate. A third of all UK consumers have now recognized the Fair trade mark. The second target group the day chocolate company decided to focus on is children. In the beginning of 2000, the company announced a competition...
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