The Day After Tomorrow Film Review

Topics: Climate, Ocean, Water Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: November 25, 2008

What would you do if you woke up one day and realized how much damage Global Warming had caused to the world? The Day after Tomorrow is an excellent portrayal of a classic disaster movie. It has used one of the current issues of today to ensure audience’s interest.

The film watches the ordinary lives of a range of characters who respond, quickly, or slowly, to the dramatic weather changes we see in satellite weather station reports across USA and wider world. Jack Hall is a climatologist who proposes that the rapid global warming could lead to a new Ice Age. Jack meets Professor Terry Rapson, who is keeping track of the world’s ocean currents. Terry tells Jack that the melting of the polar ice caps has poured fresh water into the oceans and diluted the salt level, which has caused the temperature of the ocean currents to drop 13 degrees.

The result leads to world wide disasters in a short span of time. Jack tries to rescue his son, who is trapped in New York as part of a scholastic completion, when the city was dloofed by the chilling beginnings of the Ice Age. He’s also going against the flow as humanity races south to warmer climates, and he’s nearly the only one going north. This movie is exciting, suspenseful and fast-paced with breathtaking effects and extraordinary images. While hoping it isn’t that realistic, the move seems so real because of the effective digital computer effects that something like that might really happen. It keeps you on the edge of your seat as you see how something that is not yet true, become real.
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