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Topics: Algal bloom, Dinoflagellate, Paralytic shellfish poisoning Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: March 13, 2014

1. Name two types of sickness you can get from phytoplankton in Florida, and describe how you can get them. What symptoms led to the diagnosis of our patients? One type of sickness is ciguatera fish poisoning, which a food poisoning by eating a fish which include tuna or other type Another type is neurotoxic shellfish poisoning which is cause by different types of algae and is obtain when algae may be located on some shellfishes, which you digest 2. Explain how an HAB outbreak can have a devastating economic impact An HAB outbreak would cause the ocean near that city to have toxins in the water, which cause the fish to have poison and cause disease, which means the food economic production would decrease as well as the tourism. 3. Why do you think it can be difficult to determine the causes of HAB related illnesses and events? Some times it is difficult to determine the causes of HAB because when the red tide goes away most of the toxins are in the algae and oysters which means one cant spot them from the naked eye 4. Summarize how the conditions found in the Gulf of Mexico contribute to the overgrowth of phytoplankton. The Gulf of Mexico is highly polluted, due to run-off from the coasts. It comes mostly from the fertilizers and pesticides from agriculture that are collected in rivers that flow into the Gulf. Other reasons might be because of all the oil spills we happen to cause in the Gulf

5. Explain how a Harmful Algal Bloom can impact an ecosystem. Its cause would be terrible because the bloom would reach algae or oysters which are eaten by many organisms in the sea causing their death rates to increase and also cause the fish to carry the toxins which are eaten by humans and cause disease. 6.

As the time goes by the cost of HABs will increase
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