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1. Illustration
1st Stanza In this first stanza, the speaker is lying on bushes when the weather is very cold. According to the speaker, the winter doesn’t have a white snow like any other winter but the snow is dirty. We can see this as the writer used “…Winter’s dregs…”, dregs is a term to called a black or dirty residue that comes out in the bottom of our cup when we have drunk our coffee. In addition, beside the cold weather the speaker also sees the world to not has music to entertain the people which we can see from “Like the strings of broken lyres,” lyres , here means a string instrument. In contrast, other people, except the speaker, make fire in their houses to make themselves warm.
2nd Stanza In the second stanza, the speaker is describing the shape of the land that looks like a century’s cemetery where it also becomes the crypt or the underground of the cloudy sky. The speaker thinks that the wind which gives us all the energy to live has gone, this can be seen in “The wind… The ancient pulse of germ and birth Was shrunken hard and dry.” The sentence The ancient pulse of germ and birth can be interpret as the one who give life, and was shrunken hard and dry can be interpret as gone. Furthermore, the speaker also feels that it seems everybody doesn’t seem to be excited at all, just like him.
3rd Stanza In this stanza, the speaker suddenly hears a voice over his head which seems to be full of joy. It turns out that the voice comes from an ugly bird that is hanging on the tree. The voice of the bird seems very happy which in contrast with the speaker’s feeling that is gloomy.
4th Stanza In this last stanza, the bird voice resembles a beautiful carol and it is also addictive even though it is sung by an ugly bird in a very unpleasant moment or situation. Because of this, the speaker found the song to have this enjoyment and hope that he cannot feel before
2. Imagery

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