the Dark knight Vs. Mark 43

Topics: Superhero, Iron Man, Batman Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: May 5, 2014

What qualifies a super hero as a superhero? A dark stormy night, a vat of acid, a radioactive spider, or maybe just a bunch of high-tech gadgets that a rich person bought to make himself cool. Most of the time superheroes have to go through a traumatic experience that changes the heroes’ life forever. Batman and Ironman are two very similar superheroes’, their gadgets, how they act in public, their enemies, how they each became superheroes, and their actual identities will be compared in this essay.

Batman and Ironman are two different heroes but they’re gadgets re very similar. They both have armored suits, Iron man has all of his weapons in his suit where Batman must equip all of his weapons before he is able to fight crime. Most of Ironman’s means of transportation is him flying around in his suit. “although the majority of Ironman’s costs came from the many different renditions of his armor, with only his latest suit accounted for, Ironman drops down to needing a partly $648,717,000 to achieve his life of metallic luxury(Nealey).Batman however, has the bat mobile, his motorcycle, and the bat, a plane. Not really a gadget but they both have butlers that assist them in their crime fighting, Ironman has Jarvis, a Computer software that Ironman invented to help him in everyday life and crime fighting. Batman on the other hand has a real life person, his name is Alfred he assists batman with anything and everything.

Thinking about the way that they act in public and private Ironman in real life is Tony Stark, and Batman is Bruce Wayne. Tony is very open with his super hero status. Bruce is very secretive about his secret identity only one or two people, besides Alfred, know who he actually is. He is also very mysterious Crime fighter, he likes to hang out in the shadows and only comes out when the bat call is illuminated. Iron man seems like he tries to look for trouble. Stark knew that the main consequence of coming out as Iron man to the public was...
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