The Dark Knight Rises – Movie Review

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The Dark Knight Rises – Movie Review

Eight years since Batman vanished into the darkness of shadows where he turned from a hero into a fugitive, being a scapegoat burden with hiding the truth of Harvey Dent to maintain justice to the city of Gotham. But everything changes with the arrival of another villain, Bane. Batman rises again with his patriotism towards Gotham, but this time it challenges his fear of his soul and lead to the epic conclusion of Bruce Wayne.

Christopher Nolan brings another, comic-inspired, breathtaking and enjoyable spectacular film to the big screen. In The Dark Knight Rises we can experience the impressiveness of the visual effects and also many new characters that adds on to the anxiety of the film.

After eight years of peaceful time, crisis threatens Gotham City, Bruce Wayne jumps back into the Batmobile to fight crime once again to fulfill his believe “Gotham does not belong to the criminals and corrupts”. So Batman recruits his team with Mr. Fox (Morgan Freeman), equivalent to Bond’s Q and Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman); also with an eager orphaned cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), an attractive cat burglar (Anne Hathaway), and a violent masked villain (Tom Hardy). Nolan used many actors from his previous blockbuster, Inception; this was a good choice since they were comfortable with Nolan’s directing style and his film dramatic tones.

The Catwomen in this film was a very pleasant surprise that created a more exhilarating atmosphere at some scenes. She can fight, steal and also very funny, but most importantly she impacts Bruce Wayne and the plot a lot.

Bane, the new villain with a mask and a voice like the Darth Vadar in the Star Wars, who is violent, menacing with terror and thought he was the liberator of the city (actually he was trying to destroy it). The choice of this character is perfect since we can feel fear from not just his physical strong body but also his emotions and actions as well. He is strong and...
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