The Dark Knight

Topics: Batman, The Dark Knight, Two-Face Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: September 29, 2013
Writing Exercise - Summary - The Dark Knight:
Over the last decade cinemagoers, world-wide have been witnesses to a blossoming new trend in cinematography. This new craze has taken over theatres on a global scale, and the body of work put into production as a result of this now stands for some of the highest grossing films of all time. Starring as an actor in one of these movies equals instant fame and for companies that produce them it means a substantial economic boost. I am of course talking about superhero movies. Not since the golden age of superhero comic books saw its beginning in the wake of World War Two, has interest in the genre been this grand. New franchises are being put in production on a yearly basis, and as time passes by it almost seems like every conceivable comic book hero has his or her own line of films. With such a vast array of movies, the quality of each flick is obviously going to vary. Many movies in the genre are rightly seen as nothing more than big computer generated explosions draped over a vague storyline. However a few films go against this general assumption, none more so than The Dark Knight. In this second instalment of the Christopher Nolan-created trilogy, concerning the origin and eventual demise of iconic superhero Batman, we revisit the city of Gotham. Here, Bruce Wayne in the shape of his masked, crime-fighting, alter ego teams up with police commissioner Jim Gordon and district attorney Harvey Dent to once and for all put a stop to organized crime in a city infested with corruption and fear. To begin with the trio are doing surprisingly well, quickly managing to put many of the leading crime lords behind bars. This witch-hunt on the gangs and drug cartels, however, takes a catastrophic turn as it awakens the criminal mastermind known as the Joker. Evil incarnated, the Joker is a man without a conscience. His only goal is to see Gotham in ashes and its society breaking down into pure anarchy. Pushed by...
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