The Dark Is Rising

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The Dark Is Rising
The Book of Gramarye


Will and Merriman were in a bright room again, the ceilings were high, painted with pictures of trees and mountains, full of music and people, dressed like a brilliant scene from a history book, with clothes from a whole different century.

A lady in white swept forward to meet them, with a voice and facial structure identical to that of Miss Greythorne, which turned out to be Miss Greythorne but much younger. As they headed toward the back of the room, most of the crowd Left, only a few remained.

In the back of the room, Greythorne knelt down and spoke softly and urgently about the third sign, the Sign of Wood or the Sign of Learning. She explained that it was the time for remaking the sign, that in every century, the sign must be renewed for it is the only sign that cannot keep its nature unchanged.

As Greythorne spoke to Will about the renewal, there was a general rumble of voices, low and high, all approving and agreed. A small man held out a glass toward Will, then, gave another to Merriman.

“My lord”, he said and bowed. Before Will had a chance to think, the small man burst out laughing, which made Will think it was a joke. After that Will drank and was filled with astonishment by an unrecognizable taste. Making him ask what it was, the small man said it was Metheglyn.

Miss Greythorne called everyone by the fire and looked at the wall. She put her hand on one of the rose carvings and pressed its centre. There was a click, which made a dark hole, appeared in the paneling and Miss Greyhorne took from it a small circle.

As Greythorne passed the wooden circle to Merriman it chipped. Will was surprised to see the wood break. Merriman later explained that the wood used to make the sign was Rowan, a wood the Dark does not love. He also explained that Rowan had also strains that it cannot survive as Oak might.

Merriman broke the sign in half and threw it into the fire, where a single...
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