The Dark Ages Notes

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Bethany Brady
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The Dark Ages
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Part I Sacking of Rome
1. What happens on August 24, 410 AD?
- The Roman Empire Falls.
2. Why did the Visigoths attack Rome?


** Desperation/Food

Allerak's attacks were the only reason Rome fell.

4. The Romans hired foreign soldiers to help protect their borders. What term describes such a soldier?
Legion ***
5. The next 7 centuries, spanning from the fall of Rome to the first Crusade, would be an age of widespread violence, i______________, disease, and s_____________. A time when urban lliteracy
populations throughout the continent would decline and life w_______________. ithered
6. What became of the Colosseum?
- The Colosseum became a landfill.
7. In fact, in spite of its widespread chaos, anarchy, and upheaval, this remote period of history would dramatically alter the course of Europe's future. To the people of Dark Ages Europe, the new Emperor was _________________.

Jesus Christ
Part II Common Thread of Christianity
8. How did Clovis unite his people?
- He became a Christian. He chose Catholicism.
9. What was the common thread that kept people together despite political, military, and social problems?
- Christanity was the only thread that kept people together. 10. What did Constantine do to Christianity in 313?
- The Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity in 313.
11. What rule did Clovis have a problem with?
Thou Shalt Not Steal
Honor thy Father and Mother
Not Kill

***Thou Shalt

12. According to the video, Who was Clovis?
- Clovis was the Barbarian king of the Franks.
13. According to the Ordeal, how were you proven innocent? -A pebble was dropped in a pot of bowling water and you would have to get the pebble. If your hand heals well then your innocent. 14. Who was united due to Clovis?

- Barbarian Tribes of France called the Franks.
15. Review: Where city...
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