The Dangerous of Computer Hacking

Topics: Computer, Personal computer, Computer security Pages: 12 (4210 words) Published: December 7, 2009
Christian Rupe
Research Essay: Final Draft
Professor Wilson

Hackers and Security Measures

A diverse group of people often referred to as “hackers” have been stereotyped as unethical, irresponsible, and a serious threat to society for their actions of breaching of computer systems in an undesirable manner. I will attempt to construct a picture of what a computer crime is, as well as a portrait of what a hacker is, their concerns, and how most hacking occurs. I will also cover the best security measures against undesirable hacking. It is my intent to argue that, most hackers are learners and explorers who want to help rather than cause harm. Additionally, my research will suggests that the general principle of hacking is part of larger conflicts in life that we are experiencing at every level of society and business in an information age in which many of us aren't computer savvy. These conflicts lie on the issue of whether information should be made publicly available or not (whether we should centralize or decentralize government) and on issues of law enforcement. Hackers have recently raised serious issues about values and practices in an information society. When I first started researching hacking I knew next to nothing about the subject, I was not and am still not an expert on hacking, I was and still am an average person, much like yourself that knows the Internet is a dangerous place. My paper is merely a byproduct of the research that I followed to the most logical explanation of this pandemic.

Computers and telecommunication networks have become a substantial aspect of our society and subsequently our lives. This type of technology can be used to carry out unlawful as well as legal activities. Personal computers and especially the Internet consist of a collection of tools, which attract people from all social classes. People like housewives, workers and chief executives. The Internet cuts all racial, social, gender, and religious divides. Now days criminals are people that are also attracted by today’s technology. The Internet can be used for criminal purposes in different ways: from a simple blackmail or white lie to the most perplexed crime like money laundering. “Technology can be applied as easily by the criminal and terrorist as it can by the authorities; and very often the criminal has greater desire to profit from that technology than have the authorities themselves” .

Furthermore, companies, institutions and private lives, especially in industrialized nations, are dependent on computers, Internet and similar technologies. Business operations without the support of digital networks would be non-existent. For example, banks distribute funds through computer networks. Banks and credit card companies are quickly adopting automated payment systems. The computers are the essentially the basis of this cashless society, and not only that, but a society wherein there is less human interaction with each day that passes. Millions of computers are needed to operate these automated payment systems (digital networks). On the other hand, criminals for different reasons can use similar networks also: to hide unlawful software or to distribute illegal material such as child pornography. In these two cases we can see two opposite sides of the use of information technology. From the hacker’s, and the person(s)’ who are related with the “digital crime”, point of view computers help to carry out ‘illegal activities’. From the business perspective computers are means of accomplishing ‘legal activities’.

But what is really legal and illegal in today’s society? There are certainly some acts like pornography, which is illegal, but sometimes we must ask ourselves about what is legal and what not. As mentioned earlier, the Internet not only attracts individuals from different social backgrounds but commercial organizations as well. This is a great motivation for criminals whose sole aim is to make profit...
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