The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

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Crystal Salinas
1301/5th pd.
September 7, 2012
Dangerous lives of Altar Boys
I fell in love with this movie for the reason being that the story it tells of two different worlds into one, it is in such contrast, and yet collide into one giant mess. It is one of the best, in my opinion, coming-of-age story. Full of antics, and simple mischievous behavior, the four friends battle catholic school, and collaborate a comic book they call “The Atomic Trinity”, using Sister Assumpta the main villain, in which they detest. It is one epic battle after another, watching the relations of the lives of these altar boys and the lives of the comic book heroes.

If you are not for cartoons, it is no worry, only parts of the comic book animations are shown, but honestly it is what I think gives this movie that magic. Based on the era of the 70’s, these kids are ruthless, but yet show how raw they are in terms of hormonal teenage boys, going through change, in themselves and their friendship. It has its scenes where things get weird, but nothing wild.

This independent film has had good reviews for its plot. “The New York Times” quoted “bracingly truthful’ coming-of-age film from the directional debut of Peter Care.” Also Robert Ebert “gave the film two and a half stars, calling it ‘an honorable film with good intentions” They say that the film has its flaws “trying too hard to impress and falls short of achieving the ‘emotional payoff it is searching for.” I for one was impacted by this movie and its story.

I have noticed a lot of things that were off in this movie, like in one of the scenes, as the boys ride their bikes into town, they pass an 80’s café, in a movie taken in the time setting of the 70’s, although not many people could grasp the time setting of it. My love of the music genre in this movie also helped boost my interest in it. The style of the tunes complimented the rebellious teens, but was also composed by my favorite artist, Joshua Homme, guitarist...
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