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Topics: Gum, Chewing gum, Mastication Pages: 4 (831 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Does Bubble Gum Elasticity Affect Bubble Size?

John Ruan, Ethan Mann, Karina Orozco, Viraja Alluri, and Nathan Ashta Mrs. Brazel
Gregory Middle School
Team 8-4

The purpose of this experiment is to determine if the elasticity of bubble gum affects the diameter of a bubble blown with the gum.

If the elasticity of the bubble gum is higher, then the diameter of the bubble blown will be significantly larger because the bubble will be able to stretch farther, therefore giving it a larger diameter. The independent variable is the elasticity of the gum. The dependent variable is the diameter of the bubble blown. The constants are the stopwatch used, environment tested in, and temperature outside. There was no control group.


· 3 tape measurers
· 1 piece of Bubble Yum Original gum

· 1 piece of Wrigley’s Extra bubble gum

· 1 piece of Orbit Spearmint gum

· 1 piece of Mentos Tropical Mix gum

· 1 piece of Trident Tropical Twist gum

· 8 strands of Big League Chew gum
· 4-6 test subjects to chew gum

· 6 data sheets

· 1 pen


Part 1:

1. Gather materials.
2. Take one piece of Orbit Spearmint gum.
3. Chew the gum for approximately three minutes (the exact time does not matter). 4. Take the chewed gum and begin to blow a bubble.
5. Use the tape measurer to measure the diameter of the bubble when the bubble is at its largest. 6. Record the diameter of the bubble blown onto data sheet. 7. Repeat steps 4-6 two more times.

8. Proceed to Part 2.
9.Repeat steps 2-8 for all the types of gum.
Part 2:
1. Remove gum from mouth.
2. Place the wrapper on the ends of the gum and slowly pull it apart. 3. Measure the length of the gum while continuing to pull it apart until the gum breaks or sags to...
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