The Damage Done
Topics: Prison, The Prisoner, Punishment, Suffering / Pages: 2 (487 words) / Published: Apr 14th, 2013

How have representation of people and/or places confirmed or challenged your values and attitudes? Refer to at least one written text studied in class.

An autobiography account The Damage Done, written by Warren Fellows, illustrates his time of imprisonment in Bangkok. During Fellows time in Bangkok, he was convicted of heroin trafficking between Australia and Thailand and was sentenced to prison called Bang Kwang for twelve years. In this autobiographical account, Fellow outlines the squalid condition of the prison and the atrocious and unpleasant behavior of the guards. The representation of the prison and the guards have challenged my values and attitudes as the punishments was overboard and inhumane.
The prison of Bang Kwang was horrific and unpleasant. Fellow outlines the prison as claustrophobic due to a large number of prisoners being locked up together in a small cell. As there were too many people in a cell, ‘it stank of wounds and sweats’. Every morning prisoners were taken outside for five minutes to have a quick refreshing shower, however the water that was given was unclean and contaminated. ‘The water was filthy, siphoned from a nearby river which was full of excrement and rotting carcasses of animals.’ Everything was unclean and unpleasant, including the food that was provided. A guard came towards Fellow and gave him a ‘bowl of soup and fish bones’. This clearly shows the lack of food and nutrition provided in the prison of Bang Kwang. The representation of Bang Kwang has challenged my values and attitudes because prisoners should still be treated the same and should be given the proper meal and water for them to survive as they can become ill, sick or even die from having no food at all. My values and attitudes reflect my belief in upholding human rights.

The guard’s attitude towards the prisoners was cruel and heartless. Prisoners were taken to different cells every month or once in awhile. Some cells were dark and prisoners were hand

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