The Da Vinci Code Controversy/Book Banning

Topics: The Da Vinci Code, Holy Grail, Rosslyn Chapel Pages: 3 (1087 words) Published: May 31, 2006
In the past five years, a controversial phenomenon has swept the entire world. Published in 44 different languages, and with over 40 million copies in print as of March 2006, The Da Vinci Code written by Dan Brown has captivated everyone, and even turned many into conspiracy theorists. As thrilling as the novel may be many, many catholics have taken the novel too personally and have attempted to boycott, and even ban the book, and upcoming film from many counties. In fact it has been banned from Lebanon and Jordan.

The Da Vinci Code includes a symboligist, Robert Langdon (who previouslly starred in Angels and Demons in 2000), who has uncovered a secret so profound, that it could supposebly devastate the history of mankind. The secret being, what and where the Holy Grail is. The story takes place in France and England, and has Langdon on a search all over the countries, while in pursuit by INTERPOL under the accusation of murder in the first degree.

Langdon is accompanied by a cryptoligist, Sophie Neveu, whose grandfather was murdered and left a secret message for the two to figure out, trying to keep the secret alive. Uncoincidently, Neveu's grandfather, Jauques Saunière, is the man Langdon is being charged with murder for. It is revealed later in the novel that Saunière was the grand master of a secret society called The Priory of Sion, whose job is to guard the the secret of the Holy Grail, and later expose it to the world. The murder of Saunière was actually done by a monk from the religious group Opus Dei, and believes that he is destroying the secret for the world's own good, but is later betrayed and killed.

Eventually, through lots of decoding Da Vinci's works, and lots of puzzle-solving adventure, accompanied by a bit of treachery, the identity of the Holy Grail is revealed to the readers, not as a cup, but as a woman. The Holy Grail is believed to be the chalice of christ, but chalice is also a symbol that is the pagan symbol of the woman,...
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