The Cycle of a Raindrop using creative writing

Topics: Water, Drop, Surface tension Pages: 1 (487 words) Published: December 13, 2014

All I feel is a burning sensation tingling through me. Glancing up through the blue waves, I can make out the hot sun, its rays beating down onto the seawater. I feel strange and very hot, and I wonder what is in store for me next. Water around me also becomes warm and before I know it something very strange happens…

I’m going up! Yes, up into the air and out of the seawater. Slowly, I’m traveling upwards, towards the vast, cloudy sky above me. I glance around, hoping to spot some other raindrops in a similar situation – but to my dismay I see nothing; nothing at all, and feel lonely in this vast space. By now, I’m very high up in the sky, and way below me I can see the blue sea, twinkling in the sunlight. I float in the air for a while, slowly feeling cooler – and it’s a nice feeling. Now, I’m starting to realize that my journey is over and I look into the brightness to try and work where I’m going. It takes my breath away – beautiful, massive gatherings of whiteness like soft fluff clumped together. It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen in my entire life so far in the sea. And before I could stop myself, I seemed too off floated almost into the whiteness. Panicking, I try to struggle free of the clutches of the whiteness, but it’s no use and I feel myself sinking into nothingness and whiteness…

Wow!! Now I find myself in the whiteness, being squashed by water vapour. Time passes and the whiteness has less and less room as more and more water vapour settles in between me.

Now it’s becoming purely uncomfortable, as the space becomes more and more limited. Suddenly, without warning, I realize I’m falling! Down and down in and arch of blueness, along thousands of tiny droplets of blue. It’s an amazing experience and gasp in excitement. We keep falling, the salty air in our faces. I never have never been truly this happy, ever.

I’m falling, falling, falling… and suddenly I hit the ground with a splash sound. I look around my...
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