The Curtis Problem

Topics: Family, Foster care, Fosterage Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: June 5, 2013
The Curtis Problem
Boys will be boys, or they should be at least. You can't take teenage boys from their last remaining family member! Soda and Pony need to stay with Darry in their current living situation instead of going into foster care because, they're familiar with the area that surrounds them, they have Darry around to serve as a father figure and a brother, and them being close to everything and everyone they could ever need.

To begin, the Curtis boys should be able to stay with Darry because they're already familiar with the area that surrounds them, and the living situation they're in. First, the two boys know everyone in their area. Due to this they'll always have connections and ways to get around and be safe. Second, they have spent their entire lives in the house they currently live in. Moving from a house with a connection like that can cause more than one emotional depression towards a new area. Last, Pony and soda know the area they are surrounded by. The huge benefit to this is they'll always know where things are and how to get to them. As proven, being familiar with their area is very beneficial.

Second, Soda and Pony have a father figure and a very real, connected family. Knowing how the situation could work out and what could come from it, Darry can work on the disciplinary aspect of things. From this, they will be in less trouble and will become model citizens. Next, the three curtis boys all have a brotherly connection to one another. Taking away even one link from the chain of brotherness will cause serious depression and anger towards other life. Lastly, a related-by-blood family is extremely beneficial. With a family like this, the youngest boys will be able to grow and develop much more effectively than if they were in a foster home. From these facts of family, it can be proven that a full family brings many benefits.

Last, is Soda and Pony being close to everyone and everything. First, their friends are all around them. For...
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