The Current Scenario of Network Security

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The Current Scenario of Network Security

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Dr. Bijalaxmi Panda
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Archisman Misra
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Amity University, Uttar Pradesh


I would like to acknowledge and express my heartfelt gratitude to the following persons who have made the completion of this paper possible:

My Faculty Guide, Ms. Bijalaxmi Panda for helping me decide my topic and brief me about it. My Parents and Brother for putting up with my inhuman working hours. And specially Mom for giving me the much needed cups of tea at pivotal points in making this paper.

Heaps of thanks to MS15 and Heretic Saint for being the eternal guides throughout this project.

And a vote of thanks to the people I idolize, without you I wouldn’t be doing this project at all. Hence many thanks to Phiber Optik, Guzman, Stallman, Linus Torvalds, Steve Wozniak, Gary McKinnon, Comrade, Adrian Lamo and Dark Dante.


This is to certify that Mr Archisman Misra, student of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering has carried out the work presented in the Term paper entitled "The Current Scenario of Network Security" as a part of First year Programme of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering from Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh under my supervision.

Dr. Bijalaxmi Panda
Department of Applied Sciences
ASET, Noida

* Abstract
* Introduction
* Definition
* Objective Of The Paper
* The Legal Side
* IT Act Of India 2010
* Advantages Of Cyber Laws
* In Pursuit Of A Correct Security Methodology
* Selecting The Correct Security Approach
* What to do after a Security Audit?
* Web Hacking : A Hacker’s Perspective
* Discussion
* References


We are steamrolling into an age where we totally depend on Computers for all our essential needs. Every public amenity and resource is connected to the main grid via Computer networks. Hence the need to protect these networks generally arises. People with malicious intent have been going at the resources time and again. To steal data, for monetary gains and even sometimes for terrorist activities. It is fairly easy for these offenders to use other people’s computers and networks to do their work. The awareness about network security and possible threats is very low in the world even as of this day and age. The network security related issues have caused losses to various firms amounting to a few hundred billion dollars and has also resulted in widespread data theft. Something has to be done to curtail and stop these people with malicious intents.

The main culprits behind this phenomenon are disgruntled employees, perpetrators of Jihad, religious fanatics and social outcasts. Sometimes people with half knowledge fall prey to bigger groups which direct them towards possible exploits and network breaches. Sometimes newbie’s try to hack into systems just to prove to their peers that they are capable of hacking. Peer pressure plays an important role in the situation where more and more youngsters are taking to hacking and breaking apart computer networks without even realising the repercussions or the legal side to the whole issue.

The main aim of this paper is to reveal the current condition of network security and the various reforms that have been made in this decade. The future of network security will also be explored through the means of this paper. And hopefully it will create awareness in people and they can help stop the criminal activities.

What is Network Security?

The networks are computer networks, both public and private, that are used every day to conduct transactions and...

References: * Wikipedia,
* Nathalie Dagorn and Nicolas Bernard
* Indian IT Act 2010 Documents
* Abstract
This paper on the Current Scenario of Network Security explores the global condition of the security of the networks and its biggest collection, the Internet. It begins by defining what Network Security actually is and what is its use in this world and our day-to-day lives.
The paper also takes a peek at the legal side of network security and what all are its implications on the perpetrators of security threats. The paper takes a close look at the amendments made in the IT ACT of India, 2010. And what are the advantages of having cyber laws and how it affects us.
Next we try to look at how to correctly approach a security technique, how to plan for it, how to develop it and how to implement it most importantly. It also tells the reader what to do after a network security audit.
Last but not the least it takes a look at web hacking from a hacker’s perspective, highlighting the steps a hacker takes and how can compromisation of networks to security threats be prevented.
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