The Culture of Cuba

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The culture of Cuba
The culture in Cuba in general is mixing of European, African, Amerindian and North American cultures. Cuba in general is a traditional society, which have they own beliefs. Cubans likes to have fun and enjoy their time by playing dominos, or going to the cinema. There is a big and popular Latin American film festival happen each year in Havana. Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands of Cubans emigrant to the United States and Spain and other countries. The government in Cuba dominates almost everything, so the foreign investors and travelers should be conversant of the rules and the government directives to be in safe. Cuba is a country with a steep hierarchical society (high Powerdistance). This means that centralized power and institutions probably are there to stay. In other words society is controlled by a few people, high up in the existing power pyramid or they gain and establish central power for a long period through up rise, coups, revolution, etc. In addition, Cuba has a collectivistic society (low score on Individualism). This means that there are so called in groups and (implicitly) out groups. The current rulers are such an in group. More so like a circle around the power holders. If you do not belong to that circle, you belong to the out group. Plus, every in-group has certain (unwritten) rules that the group-members should follow in exchange for a powerful position, protection and a comfortable life. Moreover, there is open questioning if one can actually change the current sociopolitical situation in Cuba. In other words people are uncertain if any changes will/can succeed. They are somewhat fatalistic. This is the link to the third cultural dimension: Uncertainty avoidance. The internal need for structure, rules, and stability.

_The media: and publishing in Cuba run under the government assent. There are several cases of the freedom of speech and independent journalists. In addition, there are three main newspapers,...
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