The Culture Briefing of Ghana

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RUNNING HEAD: The Culture Briefing of Ghana

The Culture Briefing of Ghana

Ghana, formerly the British colony of the Gold Coast, assumes a special prominence as the first African country to acquire independence from European rule. Ghanaian politicians marked this important transition by replacing the territory's colonial label with the name of a great indigenous civilization of the past. While somewhat mythical, these evocations of noble origins, in combination with a rich cultural heritage and a militant nationalist movement, have provided this ethnically diverse country with unifying symbols and a sense of common identity and destiny. Over forty years of political and economic setbacks since independence have tempered national pride and optimism. Yet, the Ghanaian people have maintained a society free from serious internal conflict and continue to develop their considerable natural, human, and cultural resources. (

This cultural briefing paper provides a discussion on Ghana and its culture. This paper will brief the senior managers and the executives of the Ingram’s Communication Company on how to be a successful leader and a manager in Ghana in building the communication infrastructure. This cultural briefing provides a discussion on Ghana on the practical aspects of managing Ingram’s Communication Company in Ghana. Also, what it takes for the senior managers and executives to be successful in Ghana in building the first communication infrastructure in that country. In addition this cultural briefing paper of Ghana will discuss the following: location, history, size, political system, economic system, language, traditions, values and ethics, life styles, characteristics of the culture, business practices, tips for leading in Ghana and the conclusion – the most important thing to remember about leading in Ghana. Location, History, Size and Lanaguage

Ghana is located on the west coast...

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