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The Crusades were expeditions that originated in completion of a solemn vow in order to deliver the Holy areas from Mohammedan domination. The origin of the word can be traced to the cross. This meaningful cross was worn as a badge on the outer garment of those who took part in these enterprises and also made out of cloth. Since the Middle Ages, the meaning of the word crusade has been comprehended to contain all wars undertaken in the act or practice of pursuing a vow. It was also directed against infidels who were the Mohammedans, Pagans, Heretics, or those under the bar of excommunication. Modern literature has abused the word crusade by applying it to all wars having anything to do with religion. An example would be the voyage of Heraclius against the Persians in the seventh century and the conquest of Saxony by Charlemagne. The idea of the crusades corresponds to a political formation Christendom, which was recognized in only the eleventh to the fifteenth centuries. Christendom is the act of a union of all people and monarchs under the direction of the popes and the popes only. No other human (other than any of the popes) were allowed to create and surpass such jurisdiction over all his peoples. At the beginning of every crusade, the pope, at that time, would announce a new crusade by preaching. After pronouncing a solemn vow, each warrior received a cross directly from the hands of the pope, and was then afterwards considered a soldier of the church. Crusaders were also granted indulgences and sequential privileges, such as exclusion from civil jurisdiction, sacredness and holiness of persons or lands. Of all the wars that occurred in the name of Christendom, the most important were the Eastern Crusades.

The first crusade is primarily attributed to Pope Urban II (1095), and the motives that triggered him are undoubtedly set forth by his equals (people of his status or directly below in rank); This is what brought upon the Christian Faith so strongly. In Urban II's speech he stated many reasons as to why the first crusade would occur and out of his Christian faith, he spoke: "Your brotherhood, we believe, has long since learned from many accounts that a barbaric fury has deplorably afflicted an laid waste the churches of God in the regions of the Orient. More than this, blasphemous to say, it has even grasped in intolerabe servitude its churches and the Holy City of Christ, glorified b His passion and resurrection. Grieving with pious concern at this calamity, we visited the regions of Gaul and devoted ourselves largely to urging the princes of the land and their subjects to free the churches of the East. We solemnly enjoined upon them at the council of Auvergne (the accomplishment of) such an undertaking, as a preparation for the remission of all their sins. And we have constituted our most beloved son, Adhemar, Bishop of Puy, leader of this expedition and undertaking in our stead, so that those who, perchance, may wish to undertake this journey should comply With his commands, as if they were our own, and submit fully to his loosings or bindings, as far as shall seem to belong to such an office. If, moreover, there are any of your people whom God has inspired to this vow, let them know that he (Adhemar) will set out with the aid of God on the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Mary, and that they can then attach themselves to his following." Upon hearing the news that the Turks had taken the Rumanian provinces from the Christians, Urban crossed the mountains and descended into Gaul. Being moved with compassion and a strong, devout love for God, Pope Urban II had bigger plans. In order to enlarge his forces; he had Alexius Comnenus provide and supply assistance from the West. However, in the long run, it was not Alexius but the pope who truly contributed to the great movement of creating the foundation of Christianity in the Eastern states, which created a bitter, anxious and terrified feeling from...
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