The Crusades

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1. Pope Urban II (source A) and Saladin (source C) were similar in attitudes because they both believed that God was on their side and would make them victorious amongst their enemies. In Source A it states “Accordingly, undertake this journey eagerly for the remission of your sins, with the assurance of the reward of imperishable glory in the kingdom of heaven.” The Pope is declaring that as long as Christians willingly participate in the First Crusade then there will be a place for them in heaven. Source C states, “we will cross over with Gods good pleasure and take from you lands in the strength of the Lord”. Based on this quote it is clear that Saladin and his people are positive that God will be their strength. These sources are similar in the fact that religion is their argument.

2. The directive in Source A that may have been the root of the action described in B Crusaders capturing Jerusalem) was “Accordingly, undertake this mission for the remission of your sins.” With the assurance from God, any man would be eager to join the crusade therefore it was a stable expedition and winning was inevitable.

3. The evidence in Source D that reveals the artists bias about the confrontation between Islam and Christianity is that King Richard is unhorsing Saladin. This shows that Luttrelll Psalter is bias because Saladin and King Richard never actually met in personal combat. If the artist believed that it was a fair fight both men would still be on their horses. It was obvious that I was on the “side” of King Richard based on the manner in which he depicts Saladin, no one ever wants their side to lose.
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