The Crusades

Topics: Middle Ages, Europe, Crusades Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: December 3, 2008
During the years of 1095 to 1291, the Christians sought to gain the Holy land and Jerusalem from the Muslins, or Moors. These series of wars are called the Crusades. These Crusades had effects on Europe that few other events had at the time. Although there were many effects, some were stronger than others, including the introduction of new technology, the creation of towns, and trade flourishing as well. Technology had appeared to be nonexistent at the time until The Crusades, thus making its introduction to Europe extremely important. Towns were a way to discontinue the manor system and try something more beneficial to everyone. The increased trade in Europe resulted in multiple new advantages for the Europeans that would prove valuable later on. These changes ultimately led to the High Middle Ages. Despite the technology that Eastern Europeans developed, they were still slightly behind neighboring areas. As the Crusades continued, the Christians found multiple objects of technology that were new to them. The Europeans were quickly exposed to better ways to build ships, maps, and weapons. Advances like the crossbow and longbow made warfare much easier as well. They also made advances in science and medicine, supplying us with the modern day building blocks of science. Architecture changed exponentially to. Large gothic churches soon emerged having large steeples and flying buttresses. All of the technology that was seen during The Crusades can still be seen today. In addition to the advancement of weapons, trade began flourishing. A standard trading route into Europe from the Middle East was established leading to the benefit of two cities: Venice and Constantinople. These two cities would gain much by being involved in the trade. Both cities would have a "golden age." The Europeans enjoyed the many things that came from the new trade routes including silks and spices from China and India. As new products began to emerge, so did a new way of...
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