The Crucible- What Does Arthur Miller Suggest Are the Dangers Inherent in a Dualistic Universe

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, Samuel Parris Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: August 18, 2011
Arthur Miller suggests several different dangers inherent in a dualistic view of the universe in his play, The Crucible. He firstly presents those that strongly follow Evangelical Christianity, and cannot admit their mistakes, but only blame others for their problems. In comparison, he then illustrates to the reader those that have a more realistic view of Christianity, realizing their sins, and standing up for what they believe is moral. By dividing the two conflicting aspects of the world, Miller demonstrates the many potential dangers in the village, which in the final stages come together to create one of the deadliest clashes for an untainted religion. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692, Miller presents one of The Crucible’s complications, the dualistic ideology, as a conflicting problem amongst the people. The Puritan town, always remaining in the light of God, are very religious, attending church every day, reading only from the bible, and forbidding anything resembling a theatre or ‘vain enjoyment’. It may seem that there is nothing harmful about a religious community, though within Salem people are constantly judging one another on how religiously pure they are, which causes the initial tensions. So when some teenage girls get up to mischief, and bring the devil’s presence into the situation, people begin accusing each other of who they believe are not as pure as them. They even begin to accuse those they wish to get revenge upon, of siding with Satan, creating potential dangers in the town. Before long, Miller has divided Salem into two dualistic views: those who, as good Christians should, are more realistic about the presence of the devil in their community, and those who have been misled into believing Satan is ‘loose in Salem’, and who accuse their enemies of siding with the devil. Miller suggests that those who have a black and white view of the universe are the accusers in Salem, and are the cause for many of the dangers evident in this town....
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