The Crucible Notes

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The crucible


Studying a drama technique

Drama techniques are all devices that playwright uses to represent his or her ideas . they are the elements of a drama that are manipulated by playwrites and directors to make any drama effective on stage .

Dramatic techniques or theatrical techniques are also referred to.

Some common dramatic techniques are :

* Setting – the set , what style is it and why ?
* Character costuming – does it change as the play progressed , how is colour , style and texture used ? * Lighting – how is shadow and illumination used to represent ideas? * Character gestures and mannerism - how does what characters do represent their personality and thematic purpose ? * Stage type – what effect does this have on the impact of the messages * Symbols and motifs – how is repetition of image/idea used to maximise the play’s effect. * Sound – music and sound effects. Why are these chose and how are they delivered ? * Line delivery – tone , pace , volume , pausing , intonation. * Special effects – this broad category especially refers to technical devices used for effect. ; e.g. slide shows , motorised movements , hologram effects etc .. why are these used ? * Conflict –the action , Man vs. Man , Man vs. Nature , and/or Man vs. Himself. * Stage blocking and movement- where do the characters position themselves on stage and how do they move?


McCarthyism 1950s
* During the late 1940s to the late 1950s , Americans became concerned about the perceived influence of communists and possible infiltration of American institutions by Communists. * The Crucible was written in 1953 . Miller examines the issues surrounding the contemporary actions of Senator Joseph McCarthy , and his attempt to wipe out communism in America by comparing them to the famous Salem witch hunt of the 1690s. * Arthur Miller clearly identified similarities between McCarthyism and the Salem Witch Trials. In each , a society , operating on the basis of fear , over reacts to some kind of threat by denying individuals their normal righrs. People were rewarded for naming others as suspects and those accused could only avoid conviction by confessing. In these circumstances , justice becomes impossible and the rule of fear prevails. Miller wrote a play about salem 1692 that reflected on America in 1953.


* Salem Massachusetts 1692 appears to be a community based on belonging. * Belonging seems to depend on conformity to rules and shared beliefs and attitudes. * Christianity holds people in check, their’s is a failry strict Christianity , based on a literal reading of the bible. Dancing is not allowed , because it is a belief in the existence of the devil. * Theocracy – the church and the legal system become to work hand in hand. * Belonging is enforced in Salem Or there is an attempt to enforce it , at least. Everyone is meant to hae the same beliefs and to conform to the same social values. * Parris is concerned about his status and security in the community , does not want his name further tainted by the presence of the devil in his very own house , ( he is the very representative of God and God’s word in the town , and he is battling off accusations that his own daughter Betty is suffering the effects of contact with the Devil.) * Mysterious events , when a group of girls have been found dancing in the woods! , someone was even found naked ... On the other occasion Abigail speaks to each other in private , the audience hears that Paris’ servant Tituba was in fact making a spell to make contact with Thomas and Anne Putnam’s dead children . ( because she is black , during that time ,the black race was discriminated upon , therefore for a...
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