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Topics: Salem witch trials, Witchcraft, The Crucible Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: October 8, 1999
A disastrous, wicked, and shameful story of the vengeance of a teen are the only descriptions for this story. The Crucible, by Author Miller a play about a vengeful teen who accuses her rival of witchcraft. The story takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692 when anything can spark a fear. When a group of girls start accusing some of the population of Salem of witchcraft, the remaining townspeople become afraid and can only agree with them. During the time period this story took place, fear was high and when an accusation as huge as witchcraft is heard, the people have no choice but to believe the accusation. John Proctor is a farmer is his mid-thirties, and is one of the characters who becomes feared. He has almost signed his own death warrant, by committed sins which are recognized by the community. Some of the sins include not attending church, tending to his crops on Sundays, and committing adultery. John Proctor is a independent man, who is loyal to his family, but has been adulterous in his past. John Proctor has been characterized Independent, only because of his Independent actions. In Act One, he independently went to Rev. Parris’ house to fetch his servant Mary Warren, he could have asked his wife or sons to accompany him but does not. Also in act one he attacked the Puntnam’s without any help, all on his own. Proctor seems to run his own life and run his family by himself. In act three when he goes on trial, he is accused of tending to his farm. But the fact is that he tends his farm by himself. He never asks his wife, or sons which other farmers do. He is an independent man, who seems to not take advantage of his situation with probably strong boys to help him with the chores that have to be done or to fetch his servant when she is missing. Not only is John Proctor independent, but he is also a loyal man to his family. In act two when he is accused of defying god by working on the farm on Sundays, he pleads that he does it not...
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