The Crucible John Proctor Changes

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Character Arc Essay
“I say- I say God is dead” he yelled as he had just given up. John Proctor was a farmer, a father to 3 boys and a husband to Elizabeth. He is also a cheater though. He claims to be a good Christian but in that time to be a good Christian one of your qualifications had to be to go to church every Sunday which he didn’t do. He was on the outskirts of Salem, so it was hard to get there. He also didn’t have any motivation to hear about God’s love when the minister, Parris, only preached about hell. John Proctor has one through many changes, but I think two are more important than the rest.

Our first change takes place before the story even started. John had loved Elizabeth and still does- or so he says, but if he loved her so much why would he cheat on her? Well with every affair somebody finds out eventually, and Elizabeth did. She did forgive him and they didn’t speak a word of it out in public. Every day John does all that he can to earn back her trust and to make her happy again. Elizabeth refuses to give him the chance because she knows he still likes his mistress, Abby, even though he doesn’t think he does. Elizabeth knows that Abby accused her of being a witch in court because she wants her dead so she can have John all to herself. This is the reason Elizabeth tells John to go to court and get Mary to tell them they were

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lying. It would also help him gain back her trust. He had changed from her being the only girl that he loved to her being the only girl he had fought so much with.
The second important change is when he confesses in court. He was so sick of everyone not believing him that he knew the only way to get them to believe him was to come clean about the affair. This would give Abby a known motive for getting Elizabeth put in jail. They still don’t believe him because Abby keeps saying it isn’t true. John brags about how his wife never lies so they bring her in to figure out who is telling the...
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