The Crucible Essay on Elizabeth Proctor

Topics: John Proctor, The Crucible, Mary Warren Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: October 16, 2011
Elizabeth Proctor

I would be more than willing to help Elizabeth Proctor. She easily gains sympathy from people because she is a mother and wife. Elizabeth has to sacrifice a lot for her family to keep them safe, healthy and happy. When she fires Abigail she is sacrificing her marriage because of the fact John could hate her for it. She is also sacrificing her happiness by staying with John after his affair with Abigail, but she does it to keep everyone happy. I also find it easier to want to help a mother because they work hard to satisfy everyone. Mothers can also be unappreciated so they deserve any help or appreciation they can get. Elizabeth has herself spread thin but doesn’t let any of her worries show. Everyone can respect her and should be willing to help her with anything she may need help with. She has done nothing wrong in the story and is a victim if anything. The only mistake she makes is staying with her husband after he committed adultery. And to go along with all of her sacrifices, Elizabeth still manages to be blamed for things that aren’t her fault. In act two John yells at her for not being in control of her home. “It is a fault, it is a fault, Elizabeth – you’re the mistress here, not Mary Warren” (52). John Proctor says this to her and continues to not listen. He takes over and because of that, Elizabeth is never heard. This is one of her main problems in the story. She is never respected or listened to, even when it is important. And the fact that her husband committed adultery puts an even larger gap between them. It is hard to imagine how any woman could just carry on after something so significant has happened in her relationship. Because of the affair, she also has conflicts with Abigail. Elizabeth managed to bury her feelings but she and Abigail share a mutual hatred toward each other. Abigail seeks revenge by accusing Elizabeth of witchcraft and because of this Elizabeth is put on trial. Many problems are...
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