The Crucible Character Analysis

Topics: The Crucible, John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: October 7, 2010
Act III Literary Analysis
1 John, Abigail, and Elizabeth all impact The Crucible by their intense variety of different personalities. 2 John Proctor, the protagonist of the story, confesses to his adultery with Abigail to the court and is now being questioned and doubted of his character, “You will believe me, Mr. Danforth!” (Miller 193). 3 By revealing his adulterous relationship to the court he can now begin to be considered an honorable man. 4 John felt guilty because he loves his wife; however, he does not want to ruin his reputation and his families. (Pattern 1a) 5 Elizabeth Proctor tires to prove her husband is good “My husband is a good and righteous man.” (Miller 194). 6 Elizabeth also cares about John: She continues to stick up for him in court even though he cheated on her. (Pattern 3) 7 The importance of family that Elizabeth feels helps John because it reinforced to the court that John was the good guy and that Abigail is the bad one in the situation. 8 Abigail’s manipulative, dishonest ways are shown when she tries to play the victim in court, “I have been hurt Mr. Danforth.” (Miller 192). 9 The desire she has to destroy others is proved when she lies by trying to get revenge on John. 10 The jealous person she is comes out when she realizes John and Elizabeth are both against her now. 11 Abigail and Elizabeth both completely contrast each other with their different motives towards John Proctor throughout the plot of The Crucible.
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