The Crucible by Arthur Miller: A Summary

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Mary Warren Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: May 1, 2010
Ben O'Connor
Mr. Richards
English 10
January 11th, 2009

-Crucible Essay-

The Crucible written by Arthur Miller was a story in which takes place in a town called Salem, Massachusets. This story was directed towards the topic of the witch trials of 1692 and how the people were effected by the deaths and horrific torture treatments. The Crucible portrayed the perfect description of how the time of witch trials were so curropt and unfair. In this time if someone were to blame another person of something then the person blamed would immediatly be guilty and thrown in Jail or hung. Is Salem many people tried accusing people of different crimes so that they could gain power aswell as land. Thomas Putnam was greedy for land because more land meant more power. Thomas Putnam had giles killed because he wanted his land, so he simply acused him of something which would result in his death from "pressing". Also in the text a woman named Abigail Williams loves a man named John Proctor however John is married, so Abigail accuses Johns wife Elizabeth of being in the precense of the devil. This in the mind of Abigail this will bring her and John closer togather however it only makes things worse. As many will see this time in Salem was a very terrible time and from 1692 to 2010 we have come a long way in our nation wide governmental system.

In this time period there were many people accusing others of crimes so they could gain land, covet their neighbors wifes, or husbands, and much more. A man named Thomas Putnam was a greedy man and was hungry for land. Putnam rode to the farm of Giles Corey and told him that a section of GIles property was his. Of course Giles objected to this statement, and Putnam rode off. Thomas Putnam then accused Giles of a crime that would have him killed. Giles is brought in and he states "Thomas Putnam is reaching out for land." pg. 84. however no one believes this statement and GIles is soon killed by the torture treatment called...
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