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My Dearest John,

Once you lay eyes upon this letter, I have far departed from Salem. My returning of avoiding the chaos I have stirred upon Salem is yet unknown. May it merely be days, weeks, months or years before reappearing, my unfathomable adoration towards you will reside in my lone heart eternally. I do not beseech for a letter in return, as my decision to conceal my dwelling place will remain as it is. Please do not endeavor to locate me, as this is very reason I headed off without a bid of farewell.

Everything from the beginning was done for eliminating that woman from our lives. I know you love me John, and I love you dearly too, but with such a despicable woman by your side who takes every chance to separate us must be eradicated from our love life. Everything from dancing in the forest to casting lies in the court trials was all meant for you. That night, under the covers of the trees, we danced merrily as Tituba conjured a love potion for each of us. I drank it for you John, for our future without that sniveling woman.

It wasn’t until Uncle Parris discovered us dancing and brought in Reverend Hale, that I realized I had to lie about everything. If lies weren’t told, the whole of Salem would have thought us of villains in league with the Devil. If this was to be the case we would have been hung; I would have been hung. John, my heart would ache knowing that you’d continue your life with that sickly woman without me. So I lied and blamed it on Tituba, who would’ve guessed that from that moment, hysteria and panic would have uplifted through the town of Salem.

Why do you constantly hurt me John? Of all that I have done, everything was for you. I do daresay you still care for me, as your actions do not prove otherwise. Why do you repeatedly stand up for that cold witch? For all that I know – my love for you is by times greater than what she gives you. Do you not remember how we fondled that night? How we caressed? How we...
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