The Crucible

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Mary Warren Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: April 3, 2009
Integrity and Courage
The Crucible was a very well written play, and gave many themes throughout its entirety. A huge theme was Integrity and Courage. People needed integrity and courage to make it through with their goodness back in the times of witch trials, and people still need it today just so their goodness survives. Many people showed their integrity and courage, but some stood above the rest. Giles Corey died a free man, John Hale stood up to the courts corruption, and then ended up leaving, Rebecca Nurse did not confess, and John Procter died with his name and goodness. Giles Corey found out how corrupted the court actually was. When he was taken away to jail, he knew the only way to live was to confess, and if he confessed he lost everything he had. He also knew if he died from being hanged as a witch, he would lose everything, so he stood up against the system in a way no other had. In act four, on page 1269, we find out through Elizabeth and John Proctor talking, that Giles Corey never talked, and was pressed to death. The only thing he said before he died, was “More Weight.” He died as a free man, and left his home, and all of his land to his family. He was the only person who died as a free man during the Salem witch trials. John Hale was originally brought to Salem to help find witches, but he soon realized the whole court system was a fraud. All through act three he was questioning the court and how it went about things, and finally on page 1262, he sees that there is no changing the court’s mind, and decides that he didn’t want to be apart of false convictions. Hale saw through what was beginning to become extremely obvious about the courts, and did not want to be apart of it or be damned by God for it. It took courage to stand up against the court and leave knowing what it may cause to him or his family. Rebecca Nurse was probably the most goodly and respected woman of the entire town. She believes in God and follows the bible or as they called...
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