The Crucible

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Witchcraft Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Arthur Millers The Crucible, takes place in Salem Massachusetts, during the witch trials of the 1600s. Back then the idea of witchcraft was crazy but the people still believed every word of it. Abigail Williams is the one to blame for the cause of all the witch trials. Her lies, devious ways, and cruel intentions add to the idea that she was the cause of all this. Abigail used her power against people, is untrustworthy, and destroyed the lives of others.

Many people in the book thought of Abigail as an innocent little girl. This is not necessarily true. Abigail used her power to trick many people. For example, she got the whole town of Salem to believe in witchcraft. Also, Abigail used her power over the other girls and Mary Warren because they are afraid of her. Abigail is also using her power for people to stop thinking rationally. Abigail and the other girls fake that they are fainting in font of people. This causes the people to believe in witches. Also, in court Abigail says “A wind, a cold wind, has come” (Miller, 108). This quote is when Abigail was in court and pretended to freeze so she can say Mary Warren did this to her. Abigail is not the innocent girl the people use to portray her as, but she is a horrible deceitful girl. Abigail is also a very untrustworthy person. She lies throughout the whole book. During the trials, in court she lied about everything. When judge Danforth said “Is it possible, child, that the spirits you have seen are illusion only, some deception that may cross your mind….” (Miller, 108). Abigail denies everything and says that witchcraft is real and Mary Warren is the devil and is causing all this. Abigail also shows that she isn’t trustworthy by everything she had said about Elizabeth. Abigail made a poppet and put a needle in it. With this needle she stabbed herself. When she did this she said Elizabeth was the one who did this to her. Elizabeth was then charged with witchcraft. Abigail Williams is the reason to...
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