The Croods

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The Croods Characters
Sandy Crood- Sandy is the baby of the Crood family. She is good at hunting, like the other members of the Crood family. She is the youngest member of the Crood family. Sandy likes picking her nose and biting which is unknown why. Probably she likes silly habits of herself. Sandy acts like a dog. Eep Crood - Eep is the oldest daughter of Grug and Ugga, the oldest grandchild ofGran, and the older sister of Sandy and Thunk. Eep hates the Cave they live in and wants to explore the outside world. GRAN - Grug's mother in Law. Her daughter is Ugga and the grandmother of Sandy, Eep and Thunk. THUNK CROOD - in the movie it is learned that Thunk doesn't have a brain. He’s the brother of Eep and Sandy. UGGA CROOD - She is Grug's wife and more open-minded than him. She understands why Eep wants to leave the cave and tries her best to cheer Grug up because of her independence. GRUG CROOD - Grug is the overprotective father of the family who dislikes the outside world. But when his home is destroyed, he embarks to find a new home for his family. He also has to deal with his family and especially his eldest daughter Eep from falling for Guy. GUY - At a young age, Guy's family was trapped in tar and died. The last thing they told him was to be adventurous. He since then has lived as a hermit with nothing but his pet Belt (A sloth-like creature) to keep him company.  He spent his days learnig to survive on his own and inventing things to help with everyday life.  This ends when he meets Eep Crood.

Eep (Emma Stone) is a girl in a family of Neanderthal Cavemen (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) living and hunting in pre-historic times, talking about how her family is one of the few to survive, mainly due to the strict rules of her overprotective father, Grug (Nicolas Cage). In their cave home, Grug tells a story to the family, which includes his wife Ugga (Catherine Keener), his daughter Sandy (Randy Thom), his son Thunk (Clark Duke), and his...
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