The Critiquing of a Venture Prize Plan

Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: November 27, 2012
The Critiquing of a Venture Prize Plan
ProExams & LET Inc.

By: Amanda Barrett
Small Business Management
Section 32
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After reading the business plan, it is very obvious that Mr. Chris LaBossiere and Mr. Don Riep have thought their ideas out very carefully. They both have very impressive backgrounds in the fields of technology allowing them to be hands on as well as active in their business. ProExams is an Edmonton based business and is a hosted application provider segmented to companies, government training and testing as well as organizations. This unique hosted web application is able to provide customers with exams, training programs, assessments and certifications online fast and reasonably priced. ProExams incorporated with Leading Edge Technology Inc. in February 2005, they were able to add a new hosted application called, this allowed them to offer a new internet training and learning system.

Things I would add and modify to their current business plan would be to create an app for individuals cellular devices for “on the go” training and testing. I would also advice them to modify their plan to add software for which people can download and purchase ProExam in specialized electronic and education teaching stores. Lastly I would like to provide ProExams with a better marketing strategy, as they don’t have the best one in place. The 4 P’s were not covered well; for example per click is not the only way they should be advertising their services. They need to improve the visibility of the service by adding a sales staff whom can perform door to door business testing and demonstrations.

If ProExams adds products for “on the go” use people all over the world will be able to conduct business while upgrading their staff members or completing certifications all from their phone when and where it is convenient for them. This will allow the company to stay Internet savvy and also branch out from their competitors...
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