The Cricket Match

Topics: Cricket, Test cricket, Wicket Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: February 9, 2012
Descriptive Writing
Cricket Match
It had been long and successful cricket season for the U12 Oxfordshire cricket team and the final game of the season was approaching fast. It was a cup final against Middlesex and the ground that had been selected was Lords. How fantastic was that! The coach journey seemed to take forever but we finally arrived in readiness for what we knew was going to be an extremely tense and competitive game. The coach atmosphere had been electric; we were all excited, restless and passionate about the game ahead. We were grateful to finally leave the stuffy, smelly coach. We were met at the ground by a smartly dressed and very well spoken guide who towered above us all. We were quickly escorted to our changing rooms which were freshly cleaned and smelt of bleach. We dumped our bags in an excited hurry and went to explore the ground. We stepped out onto the luscious emerald green turf that seems to go on for miles. Millions of pounds of sponsorship boards run around the edge, names such as Gunn and Moore, Gray Nichols and Asics were among them. The arrangement of seating was in specific tiers and seemed to be touching the bright blue sunny skies, where puffy white clouds scattered randomly. As a bowler I was keen to check out the condition of the wicket and so proceed to walk toward the square. It was stone dry and had as much grip as tarmac the speed of the ball was going to be rapid. The emotions running through me were of excitement, and of course an element of nervousness as we returned to the changing rooms. We won the toss and chose to bowl, as we strode out as a team the lively crowd erupted into cheer. They seemed to be jumping out of their sits in an attempt to land on the pitch itself. The match started with a flourish of runs and at the ten over landmark Middlesex were 80-0. We desperately need a breakthrough/wicket. It was now my turn to bowl, I was feeling tense as I made my way to the crease, the crowd were...
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